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You will receive an email once the products have been shipped. The carrier will then contact you by telephone to inform you of the delivery date and time range, from Monday to Friday. Please add while registering a mobile phone number which can be easily reached. Deliveries are not "by appointment": the customer's availability is taken into consideration in line with the carrier's delivery plan.


For Europe times go from 5 to 30 days according to the destination and they start from the date of the actual picking up of the products.


Deliveries take place exclusively at ground floor (curbside delivery) outside the building or entrance gates. Customers have to help the driver unload the packages from the truck; according to the dimensions and weight of the purchased products, customers are asked to put at disposal other people at the moment of delivery. The carriers do not deliver supplies inside apartments, houses or at upper floors.


You can pick up supplies directly at our warehouse from Monday to Friday in via Luigi Ferritto, 47 - Piedimonte Matese (Italy). By selecting Picking up at Warehouse, returns and replacements have to be carried out directly at our headquarters. If you wish to send a carrier of your choice to pick up the supply we strongly advice against the use of non specialized carriers.


We do not offer assembly services. The majority of our products will be delivered pre-assembled: the assembling process normally consists of putting already defined parts together.


All products will be delivered together with a regular sales invoice valid for a 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects. For receiving the best possible assistance, from the moment of delivery, customers must follow all of these steps:

  • Verify the number of packages: if the number does not correspond to the one stated on the freight bill please write there's a missing package on the invoice.
  • Verify the external condition of the packages: if the packages are not intact and show dents, damages, tore or wet parts it is mandatory to sign the fright bill as Received damaged/wet packages - content unchecked. In case the product has a visible anomaly please write "damaged product".
  • Always accept the delivery even if the packages and products have anomalies. This is the best way to receive a prompt assistance; not accepting the items and sending them back without authorization may result in a consequent double billing and extra surcharge for the stock of goods.
  • Take pictures of the exterior of the packages: it is always mandatory if you've received and signed for a damaged package, however it is useful in case of product anomaly also if the package is in good condition.
  • Open the packages with extreme care and verify the items before proceeding with the assembly: in case of anomaly it is necessary to take a photo of the item, specifically a detailed photo of the concerned part, before completely removing the packages and before assembling the product.
  • Handle the packages with extreme care and during the assembling follow the instructions, usually included inside the supply.
  • Verify the presence of anomalies during assembling: take photos of the anomaly and then contact the Customer Service to verify how to proceed. In case of replacement it will be necessary to return the products in the original packages.